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Wellness Coaching

Lifestyle Coaching

The support you need to create the life and healing you crave.

Our journey together will be a collaboration between me, you, and your body. As your wellness coach, I’ll provide guidance and nurturing for your individual path toward health.

What’s Included in Wellness Coaching

All Optimal Living Wellness Coaching packages are tailored to the individual, but they typically include:

Nutritional Therapy
Focusing on gut health, blood sugar equilibrium, and digestive wellness.
Functional Movement and Strength Training
Enhancing muscle strength, balance, endurance, and practical movement.
Yoga Therapy
Balancing the nervous system, rewiring the brain, and healing informed by trauma.
Healing and Medicinal Modalities
Aligning with the requisite support for your unique healing expedition.

I am ready to serve as your compass and framework-builder, dedicated to establishing the groundwork for mental and physical wellbeing. Together, we’ll assemble the pieces and create a personalized recipe for you and your body to flourish. Our aim is not merely existence but thriving with purpose and momentum, cultivating healing from the core outward.

Ready to take the next step towards a life of healing and wellness?

I’m learning it’s not just your diet or your exercise. You need to prepare your house, your kitchen, along with a new sleep routine, put in a bit of movement/exercise and eat right for it to all work.


Because connection is vital for all of us right now…

For newcomers with questions about classes or appointments and long-time clients looking for advice and connection.