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Functional Movement

Functional Movement

Functional movement is all about learning to move your body with proper muscle and joint function. These movements help build a foundation of strength, alignment, balance, and confidence.

The body is meant to be strong and to move. Unfortunately, many of us lack confidence in movement or experience pain and discomfort. Lack of physical activity can increase poor muscle use habits, and any injury or accident can further limit the body’s ability to develop holistically. It takes a matter of consciousness, presence, alignment, and safe guidance to rewire these movements.

Functional movement will help you reconnect with your innate ability to be strong, mobile, balanced, and fit. Join me and gain the vitality to enjoy staying active and doing what you love!

Functional Movement Video Subscription

Functional movement videos on your schedule

Develop a foundation of strength, alignment, balance, and confidence through weekly functional movement videos.


  • Two 30-60 minute videos emailed to you each week.
  • Videos are accessible on Vimeo so you can watch and re-watch whenever you want (you never lose access).
  • Videos feature varied exercises that incorporate strength training, balance, flexibility, and body-weight exercises led by Melissa.

Initial Consult


30 Minutes

2 Videos Weekly


Per month

How it Works

  1. 1. Schedule initial consult.If you’re new to Optimal Living, I strongly recommend scheduling a free consultation with me to evaluate if the video recordings are a good option for you.
  2. 2. Sign up.After consulting with Melissa, get started by purchasing the functional movement video subscription.
  3. 3. Receive 2 videos each week.Each week, I will record and email you a different functional movement video lesson that you can watch on your own schedule.

Private Functional Movement Training Sessions

One-on-one strength training

1 session weekly | $260/mo.

Receive personalized guidance and support with private online or in-person sessions with me. In our sessions, we will build a foundation of strength, alignment, balance, and confidence through functional movements. Individual functional movement training is ideal for those seeking tailored assistance and attention to address specific conditions and needs.

Ready to get started?

In contrast to my previous gym experience, workouts were mindfully selected to address specific muscle groups and core strengthening, recognizing that my shoulder needed to develop strength gradually.


Because connection is vital for all of us…

For newcomers with questions about classes or appointments and long-time clients looking for advice and connection.