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Lifestyle Program

Lifestyle Program

Optimal Living Lifestyle Program

Continue your path…

I developed the Optimal Living Lifestyle Program to help my clients stay strong and keep their foundational health and healing a priority. If you want someone to keep you accountable, support your healthy behavior changes, and be there to answer your questions, then this program is for you.

Each plan in the Optimal Living Lifestyle Program includes at least one Individual Lifestyle Support Session per month. These sessions are designed to meet your unique needs. They may include review of food logs, check-in on supplements and specific nutrient needs, barriers to change, mindfulness and mental health practices, overall lifestyle needs, and continued education.

The Optimal Living Lifestyle Program is intended for clients who have taken Optimal Living Nutrition & Lifestyle 101 or who have completed at least 3 Individual Nutrition Counseling Sessions with me.



2 30-Minute Individual Lifestyle Support Sessions (per month)



2 30-Minute Individual Lifestyle Support Sessions + 4 Yoga Classes (per month)



4 30-Minute Individual Lifestyle Support Sessions + 8 Yoga Classes (per month)

All Plan Features

  • Email and text support
  • $20 off monthly Self-Care Saturdays
  • Schedule sessions and yoga classes online
  • Yoga classes can be used for any type of Optimal Living Yoga Class
  • Carry over any unused sessions and classes to the next month
  • Cancel anytime without paying fees

I’m learning it’s not just your diet or your exercise. You need to prepare your house, your kitchen, along with a new sleep routine, put in a bit of movement/exercise and eat right for it to all work.


Because connection is vital for all of us right now…

For newcomers with questions about classes or appointments and long-time clients looking for advice and connection.