Lifestyle Program

Optimal Living Lifestyle Program

Continue your path…

I have been hearing you as well as sitting in my quiet moments to ponder how I can help you continue your path of improved health, healing, and thriving. What I heard was your desire for accountability – someone to keep your focus on health and healing. I heard your desire for meeting with me individually to support continued change.

This is why I developed the Optimal Living Lifestyle Program. To help clients stay strong and keep their foundational health and healing a priority.

Please note that the Optimal Living Lifestyle Program is for existing clients who have taken Optimal Living Nutrition & Lifestyle 101 or who have completed at least 3 Individual Nutrition Counseling Sessions with me.

$85 /MONTH


  • 1Individual Lifestyle Support Session
    (per month)
$135 /MONTH


  • 1Individual Lifestyle Support Session
    (per month)
  • 4Yoga Classes
    (per month)
$255 /MONTH


  • 2Individual Lifestyle Support Sessions
    (per month)
  • 8Yoga Classes
    (per month)

Program Details

Each Individual Lifestyle Support Session will be designed to meet your unique needs. Sessions may include review of food logs, check-in on supplements and specific nutrient needs, barriers to change, mindfulness and mental health practices, overall lifestyle needs, and continued education.

Payment & Scheduling

  • Plans are billed monthly, starting from the date of purchase.
  • There’s no fee to cancel your plan, and you can cancel at any time.
  • Any unused Lifestyle Support Sessions and Yoga Classes can be carried over to the next month.
  • Lifestyle Support Sessions and Yoga Classes can be scheduled to fit your life. However, I recommend keeping the same time for the monthly Lifestyle Support Session. For example, the first Tuesday of every month. This consistency will help you get the most from the program.

All plans include

$20 off monthly Self-Care Saturdays

Self-Care Saturdays are the third Saturday of every month. See upcoming sessions.

You will receive the discount code when you schedule your first Individual Lifestyle Support Session.

Weekly email and text support

I’ll be accessible to you via text and email throughout the week to touch base, ask questions, and get support and encouragement.

I’m learning it’s not just your diet or your exercise. You need to prepare your house, your kitchen, along with a new sleep routine, put in a bit of movement/exercise and eat right for it to all work. – Carolyn